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I recently decided that I wanted to write a travel blog with travel tips and information from my personal travel experience.  I have been procrastinating on doing this for quite a while. I hope that you enjoy my first blog!  I look forward to your thoughts!


Making Travel a Priority

I had a meeting with my financial planner recently.  He has been graciously assisting me with my marketing plan.   By the way, a travel blog is part of my new marketing plan now.  I told him how the travel industry is drastically affected by any negative news on the economy.  He was surprised because the majority of his clients list travel as one of their top three priorities or goals.  The other two were money for education and money for retirement.


If travel is so important to so many people, why then are people so quick to give up travel when times get a little tough.  Some studies show that travel is the first thing cut out of discretionary income during tough economic times. This year started out with lots of people booking their dream vacations, but when the reality of huge heating bills hit, sales slowed down dramatically.


I believe that people do not plan or budget for travel even though it is one of their top 3 priorities for their money.  I think we need to make travel a priority, not just something we do if we can.  How do you make travel a financial priority?  It can be as easy as setting up an account that is just for travel, booking a trip two years ahead and making payments on it, or even just having a big jar that you put your spare change in labeled Disney World or Hawaii or whatever your dream vacation is.  I hope that you will consider making travel a priority in your life.


“To travel is to live.” Hans Christian Andersen

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