Deb explores Tahiti

This is a quick update we received from our agent Deb Ball who is touring the islands of Tahiti “yesterday I caught 2 sharks then we swam with them. I even held one that was caught. Tell everyone hi for me….wishing you were all here!”

Heading to St. Lucia

It’s almost here.  Suzanne will be heading to St. Lucia on January 30th.  Suzanne will be touring the three Sandals resorts in St. Lucia.  Please stay tuned to hear more……………..


quickpodQuik Pod Handheld Convertible Tripod  

The Quik Pod is a compact, light-weight handheld tripod that extends the reach of your arms and hands so you’re not restricted to awkward close-ups when no one else is around to snap your picture or video. A built-in self-positioning mirror helps you center each shot. The whole kit fits easily into your pocket, purse, or backpack when not in use.

Why It Was Recommended: No more extreme close-ups.


Suzanne received this handy tool from her Sister in Law Donna for Christmas!  Thanks Donna.

Suzanne will be testing the Quik Pod out on her upcoming trip to St. Lucia.  She will let you know how it works out.  Look for more information on the Quik Pod and St. Lucia after Suzanne returns February 6, 2010.

Been There, Done That

Our agents don’t just sign you up for a dream vacation and send you off on some ship they’ve found through random searches and program inquiries. Our agents have gone on the trips you’re looking to book. They’ve been aboard the ships, strolled along the beaches, eaten in the restaurants and taken the photos you’re hoping to catch. Our travel logs will chronicle our trips to your destinations… follow us, and we’ll take you where you want to go!